# 32 : Free Fall!

Earlier this fall our daughter Tracey had suggested a family photo shoot when the fall colours were at their prime. Short notice made it difficult to get 100% attendance and the wet fall made rescheduling to accommodate a poor option. We did end up with 24 out of a possible 30 children (spouses included) and grandchildren present!

Our 3 youngest with 1/2 of our grandchildren!

As we were wrapping up the day some of wee ones climbed onto our back deck (which isn’t child proofed as yet as the railing isn’t on). I cringed suggesting to the dads that maybe the youngsters should come off! To my horror, instead it became; “jump, dad will catch you!” Each of the youngsters at first were somewhat reluctant! With some coaxing they either just walked straight off the edge or walked up to the edge of deck, and leaned forward dropping into their father’s strong arms. The smiles and giggles upon contact with their father’s hands was priceless to watch! But what was more intriguing was the mounting confidence they demonstrated with each jump even as dad stepped back and lowered his hands, making each fall longer. Those that had required coaxing no longer did, they were learning a whole new level of trust in a “Free Fall,” into Daddy’s arms!

Likewise as a skydiver standing at the open door of an airplane anticipating the ‘okay’ to thrust himself through the opening into open space. The skydiver is not demonstrating blind faith but rather a carefully calculated event. Though I have never attempted skydiving and frankly don’t ever plan to, I cannot help but imagine the experience! The deafening throb of the engine combined with the muffled sound of air rushing past ones face, threateningly ripping at skin and clothes, have a mesmerizing effect on one’s psyche.

Now is the time to step away from the door if you are having second thoughts or need to double check your gear. Because once you roll out that door, you cannot climb back into the plane, you are in short – COMMITTED! But not blindly! You trust the physics of a parachute properly folded that will respond to a pulled ripped cord and that in turn will allow the resistance of air tearing at the fabric to properly fill the parachute, so that you can effortlessly and safely descend back to earth. All this happening as you are falling at a speed of 200 km/hr in a stable “Free Fall.”

The view and perspective one gets from those altitudes! Huge obstacles below are dwarfed! For a very few seconds one can get a hint of how our Lord sees our world, our life. His perspective makes everything more manageable and purposeful and secure!

That is exactly what He has been teaching us! As I was having devotions this morning and reviewing the various notes of encouragement sent our way from those of you back home who are walking this journey with us, the common thread of “COMMIT and TRUST” is woven through the texts. The two pictures that came to mind were just as I have previously described; one of a fearless skydiver and the other of a trusting child both stepping into a “Free Fall of Faith.”

In Genesis 12-15 we see Abram embarking on a journey where Jehovah declares “I will . . . do not be afraid. . . I AM”! As we launched into this second adoption a year ago He has repeatedly reminded us of those very words. The fact that “He will” produces questions like, how? when? where? But he coaxes Abram and us with come “do not be afraid,” I will catch you because “I AM”! And He catches us because He is with us wherever we go! I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Each time that I face a new challenge am I approaching it with a growing confidence and dependence on Him, because He is proving himself to me over and over again? Just as each time as our grandchildren fell into their father’s arms, they became bolder in their faith!

In Psalm 36:5-6 the Psalmist presents how in inescapable our Heavenly Father’s; “love, faithfulness and righteousness are.” So no matter the situation we are in, He has us covered He’ll catch us with arms wide open. All we have to do is “Trust Him!”

As I read on in Psalm 37:3-4, I was challenged as the writer wants me to Depend (TRUST) on the Lord, Delight in the Lord, Devote (COMMIT) your way to the Lord. As we began this journey, we have had to depend on the Lord in ways that I never have before! I have typically been very guilty of being very self reliant but with each adoption I am learning (sometimes the hard way) how very God reliant I need to be! Because it is in this God reliance that we find provision and security! Oh Lord help us to depend on You to complete this adoption!

The Psalmist exhorts that we ‘Delight ourselves in the Lord’. That delight will grow out of our dependence or trust in Him! Just as when the children’s first “Free Fall” into dad’s arms was expressionless, subsequent jumps were filled with smiles and giggles. The provision and security accompanying dependence results in a relationship that is Delightful – you can’t get enough of His presence – it is hungering and thirsting after righteousness. I am smitten – I have fallen so far short of truly finding delight in His presence. Continually busy with projects that have frequently crowded time with Him out of my day or reducing it to a bare minimum. “But it is for the family or for the second adoption” – I could always find a legitimate or justifiable reason. Oh Lord forgive me! Is it this lack of balance that has led to our current unprecedented delays that we now face? Is this your way of getting my attention? The promise here is being granted the desire of our heart – which at this moment is an adoption referral!

Thirdly the Psalmist says Commit/Devote your way. You know with either the grandchildren jumping of the deck or the skydiver jumping out of the plane – once they either roll out of the cabin door of the airplane or step off the deck they are committed there is no turning back! Lord we have committed this adoption road to you, but if in anyway we have overlooked any aspect please clearly make it known. There has been no turning back! Recent events have left us shaken, pushing us into His word and onto our knees! The beautiful promise here is that as we trust Him, HE WILL DO IT!! Thank you Lord Jesus! YOU WILL DO IT!! You will catch us as we allow ourselves to drop into Your loving arms!!

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