# 16 : Conor Shares His Heart

My name is Conor Steeves. I was born on Christmas Eve in Odessa, Ukraine. I am 12 years old.  I was taken to the Orphanage when I was 5 years old. I did not like the Orphanage. The older boys are mean to the younger boys. They beat them. I asked God to please get a family for me that would take all three of us. I have an older sister and younger brother. I waited for nearly 6 years in the Orphanage for God to answer my prayer.

This picture of when I first met my Mom and Dad. – my sister used mom’s camera to take

I am going to talk about family. I got adopted by Rob and Sharon Steeves on January 23rd 2017. I am happy that my mom and dad are thinking of adopting children from the Ukraine again. I think adopting is important because when I was in the orphanage I wanted to have a family and so did others. I got a family but they didn’t.

My first Christmas with Mom and Dad was in Ukraine. They got me a skateboard. I always wanted one.

So I am asking you to donate to help then adopt again or adopt other children who want to have a family. After I started school in Canada and made friends in my new school, one of my friends parents heard what happened to me and my brother and my sister and now they are adopting from the Ukraine themselves. This makes me very happy.

In the orphanages children dream about getting adopted. Just think if you have no family, no one to love you or care for you but God. You would like to get adopted . . . that would be your dream.  The boys and girls of the orphanage have little chance for a good future. Sad. What can you do to prevent this from happening. Just think about it.

My life is so different now! Before I got adopted I felt that we were not loved or cared for. But we were loved and cared for by God – but we didn’t know that then (because we had not heard about His love). NOT knowing made a difference.  The most hardest thing was that other children in the school in the Ukraine was they had family, they had a mom and dad and I didn’t. I was made fun of because I not have a family . . .  I was called dirty,  a loser. I  was not allowed to participate in school concerts because I didn’t have parents. I was not a person!

Now in Canada, I  have mom and dad. I feel so happy and loved because I know that I am loved.

At home in Canada – Manitoba winters. Me and my Dad.

My parents love us. It is hard to find someone to adopt more than one orphan, especially an older orphan. I am so thankful that my mom and dad came to Ukraine to get us.  I am very proud of them for doing this.  Because I got a really good mom and dad I want to share them with other orphans.  My mom and dad love children and are adopting again. This is a very good thing. Now some more children will have a chance to have a mom and dad too. Please help them to do this. from Conor.

7 thoughts on “# 16 : Conor Shares His Heart

  1. Conor- you are an amazing young man! God is going to use you and your family for so many amazing things in this world! My family and I are so crazy thankful to know you. Thank you for sharing your heart with others.

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