# 12 : Goats, Grapes, Chickens and maybe the Odd Fish!

This is not really a proper blog post. This is just a compilation of pictures that we took while walking about on the streets. These just didn’t fit anywhere else and I wanted to show you some of the interesting things we saw while in Ukraine. As we walked around the Markets and streets we saw things that we would never see at home.

Food for sale on the street

Even though to us this may be considered unsanitary, the walnuts I bought on the street were the freshest and tastiest, I’ve ever eaten.

This was a cart selling coffee and tea and cookies on the street. This time we didn’t order! Nor the next time either!
The fish were still alive and moving!
Vendors selling food on the street. We often saw people going through the garbage bins to find empty pop bottles to fill with milk or juice. Hope they washed them first!
The road to the Orphanage, see the open sewer that smelled really bad! We walked this road twice a day to get to our children.
Our snowmen are melting at the Orphanage. I love the light in this picture!
A man paying for food he had bought of a street vendor.

There were ladies selling home-made pickles in big jars at the next vendor. Rob wanted just to buy a single pickle. They tried to sell him the big jar but we had no way to store it or carry it. It caused them a great deal of laughter when he offered 5 hryvnia for a single pickle. This was way more than it was worth. That was about 25 cents in our money. He said it was delicious!

See the skinned goat and bags of garlic.
Selling Tea and dates.

Some of the more interesting things we saw in the markets!

What would have happened if someone had knocked an egg from the bottom? This was in the crowded markets in January. I don’t think this lady was super impressed with me taking her picture!

‘There’s something about a soldier’. He was a little ‘cold’ and didn’t respond to my affection!

On the streets in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. The streets were so uneven that after dark, it was easy to trip and fall!

Inside the Supermarket. The sugar was loose in these big gray bins and there were sparrows flying around inside the store!

A hand painted wall in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. I wonder how long it took to paint!

I loved this old house. It would have looked so good restored as it overlooked the river. In the second picture see anything strange? The electrical post is just ‘floating’ above the ground. The picture doesn’t do it justice as you can’t see how it’s just hanging there.

The hoar-frost that painted the pine needles with diamonds!

There were at least 12 workers that we counted clearing the snow outside the Office of Children’s Services.

At a tiny museum in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi

Even in the Ukraine, Canada is never far from our minds.


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